Tarots Readings with Gabriel

Soul Clarity/Intention Building/Purpose

Vision, Insight, Planning/Self-Worth

Allowing/Break-throughs/Life Changes

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Throughout my life, the greatest accomplishment I have realized until now is to remain TRUE to myself regardless of social and religious belief systems, culture and my up-bringing.  THAT has been a continuous challenge and focus to this day.

The reason is simple and obvious to me now:  “We are perfect expressions of the “UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS” right here, right now, AS WE ARE, and we are in constant change and transformation just like “IT”* is.  We cannot be separate from it because we are made OF IT!!! (*Where  UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS/ “IT”  means God, Brahma, OM, etc…)


For the rest of my life, I will encourage  everyone    to DARE trust himself/herself to embrace this holistic integrative approach no matter who he/she is.  My personal path from my childhood has been a challenge to overcome my OWN belief systems and negative thinking to finally LOVE, TRUST and ENJOY who I really AM and all creations.

My  intuitive readings are focused on showing  the above in your own life and to invite you to enact  change in your own reality with a pro-active approach based on the CHOICE of the thoughts you continually think, the words you speak, and the emotions you you have. 

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Inner-Life Coaching

It is said: “A belief is just a thought we keep thinking”…
If that is so, then, why not keep thinking a thought that makes us feel good in order to re-program a NEW BELIEF?

Need help, support, sharing, feedback on the journey to reprogram this lifetime on earth and beyond?

As a gentle guide to your exploration of how, when, and where you can contact your “inner-self”, “your soul” beyond life and death, I can accompany you in your effort and discipline towards that goal.

Inner-life coaching is simply another word for “spiritual counselor” except that “spiritual” here means much more than religions and belief systems.

To find out, simply make an appointment to discuss the ways and times we could work together.

In the past, under the premise of yoga training, a devotee would find a guru and follow the guru's teaching and guidance...

Well, that is then!  I propose a very different approach:

I offer my services and talents as a personal assistant... for a period of time we can agree on...

Try me... I'm sure I can help you in some daily chores while slowly sharing the peace and serenity found in simply BEING!