A 2+0+2+0=4 year 
Year of foundation, setting the base...
May everyone and everything on this Planet Earth discover his/her/its
we are all UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS in an experience... All made up of the same stuff.  Might as well respect each other and empower each other to be what we are, as we are, where we are, when we are!!

ENJOY... with LOVE and JOY!

gabriel... the seagull... doing exactly that: BEING what I AM.

A 2+0+1+8=11/2 year - a number "2" year but...
11 is a "Master number" in numerology, we don't add 1+1.
Message for 2018 - Going within

Einstein said:
“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Why not start DARING to believe that we co-create our reality according to our beliefs, thoughts, words and emotions, and it is up to us to make our wishes for the New Year 2018 come true.

Our POWER of co-creator is in the FREEDOM of our CHOICES; the thoughts we choose to have, the words we CHOOSE to speak, the emotions we CHOOSE to feel.
Oh! you might say.  I cannot choose my emotions.  
Well, not so sure... because emotions are closely linked to thoughts... 
Since I can choose my thoughts, chances are, we can choose our emotions.
Try it out... and let me know

The quality of my ATTENTION and the quality of my INTENTION...
Simple... IN THE PRESENT!  Always.

Humanity needs daring thinkers to DARE switch "level of thinking" to "solve the problems" humanity has created itself through ignorance and the belief in separation from SOURCE/universal consciousness/god.

Year #3/2+0+1+9=12=1+ 2=3 is about BLESSINGS and CREATIVITY… opportunities…


The greatest DARING step for those who like taking risks is to DARE BE!

Simple: DARE TO BE who ever you are!  Beyond all fears!!

Have fun!!!! 😊


From my 2018 New Year message…

… I finish with saying:

Humanity needs daring thinkers to DARE switch "level of thinking" to "solve the problems" humanity has created itself through ignorance and the belief in separation from SOURCE/universal consciousness/god.

Beyond all fears!

What could that possibly BE?

daring thinkers to DARE switch "level of thinking" 


What’s a level of thinking?

Dah!  I have no clue.  So, I take the easiest path like water and flow with the SOURCE.  The SOURCE IS ALL LEVELS..  so, it knows what’s best for me BEYOND TIME and SPACE.

Now, that’s BIG!!  Can you think beyond Time and Space, You??

Yeah! YOU!  Nobody else.

Dah!!!  Well… Dah!  Let’s see: Time.  What is Time?

Does anyone REALLY know what Time is?


What TIME is it?  2019?  Or Persian year XXXX?, Chinese New Year XXXX? Buddhist NEW YEAR XXXX?



L’histoire des « jilets/gilets jaunes »…

On pourrait s’unir pour « co-créer » une nouvelle réalité…

Ça l’air de quoi ???

Je vous donne une « ligne de conduite »…

Lumière, Beauté, Joie et Amour…

Choisir … ???... par lumière, beauté, Joie et Amour.


gratitude pour tout

· tout ce que je suis

· tout ce que j’ai

· tout ce que je transmets/émets/vibre/donne


Année 2019 = (en numérologie Pythagore) 2+0+1+9=

année 3 (12=1+2)

année de créativité… de lâcher-prise…

créativité en positif ou négatif?

pourquoi pas LES DEUX/2

qui donne un mariage...

un mariage qui crée le 3.

nous avons la trinité,


alors nous avons la paix, la création illimitée

sans peur, sans jugement, sans limite


oui… c’est possible que ça fasse peur… 


Gabriel Seagull
Raja Yoga -  Inner~Life Coaching - Meditation - Tarots Readings
Learning to Live in the 5th Dimension... after 2012 Shift
Choosing "wellbeing"
Making our choices out of LOVE and JOY
Simple Component
Some text can go below the heading, if you'd like
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 - a # 1 year

January 1, 2017

This is a SUNRISE photo on a Santorini beach last October 2016... Sunrise on a new day... like year 2017 is the sunrise on a new 9 years cycle.


In numerology, 2017 adds up to a year #1 if you add all the numbers 2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1.

What does that mean:

In general, a ONE year is the beginning of a 9 years cycle, numerology being based on the 9 prime numbers.

It is like the blue prints, the architect’s drawing, and plans for a construction.  It is the THOUGHTS and decisions about making something.
So, that means this year is a time of really thinking about what we really want in our lives and in this world. 

We are set for quite an interesting situation with the TRUMP card we have been dealt. 




You see this… “Happy Loving World Order”… this is a concept I developed some 20 yrs ago along with a logo I was given by an artist in Sedona, Arizona.  That logo stuck with me because it was beyond all the symbols used by religions, cultures, traditions through the ages.

The prominent integrated symbols are the spiral and the heart, and that is the concept I wanted to transmit and promote through “Happy Loving World Order”.

Some 20 yrs ago, I bought my first computer with Windows 95, remember? And proceeded to create a brochure for “Happy Loving World Order”.  A friend of mine coaxed me into creating T-shirts… which I did but went one step further by creating not only T-shirts in 3 colors and 3 different sizes, I even ordered sweat-shirts with long sleeves in same colors and sizes.

Well… my concept never took off, I eventually gave T-shirts and sweat-shirts away and kept Happy Loving World Order on my brochure and business cards but never really “coming-out” with the concept.


This year, I’m coming out with the concept… I’m coming out with me, Gabriel Seagull, and I’m coming out with The World Organization of INTENTIONAL Love and JOY.

Yes!  And if I only influence ONE person into LOVING, trusting and daring to be himself/herself… then, I will have helped to make this world a better place.


The whole concept is very simple and it’s based on 3 premises:

  1. Daring to believe that we co-create our reality through MAGNETIZING everything to us per our thoughts, words, and emotions.  That we are made up of, are part of, live in an INFINITE MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE which we can’t really understand with our 5 senses and reasoning mind and yet, we can EXPERIENCE it through becoming ONE with it like all mystical and great beings we revere have done.

  2. Because I co-create through my thoughts, words, and emotions, I commit to becoming AWARE of these through the help of my BREATH. 
    I CHOOSE to take an extra deep breath and perform an extra deep exhalation whenever, wherever I am AWARE of my BREATHING.

  3. And when I take my deep breath, I make a point of noticing what I am thinking about at that very moment.
    Is it positive? Is it making me feel great?  If I don’t feel great thinking that thought, I simply CHOOSE to think something better that makes me feel good.
    My criteria for CHOOSING is LOVE and JOY… that’s the basis of WOILJ.

See… simple!  Try it.  Try it for 30 days.


Because, the times we are living in are opening to a LOT of changes… And we will need to be very well rooted in our being to watch the chaos that might evolve out of old systems breaking down because they are no longer suited to the evolution that mankind has undergone in the last 200 some years.

The revolution in communications and the glut of media and information is challenging mankind and we are not ready for it because our brains have not expended accordingly.

We need to open to ALL possibilities and probabilities and CHOOSE the best ones for us as we move ahead.

And we need to become AWARE of the criteria we use to CHOOSE.  I suggest using LOVE and JOY to make our choices rather than FEAR.

The world is ruled by FEAR now and terrorism is simply exasperating the situation.  Either we implode in FEAR or we evolve in LOVE and co-operation.
The choice is really ours.  Nobody else.


So, for 2017, I would invite anyone who is concerned about President Trump and the state of affairs in the world to begin, ever so dimly, to concentrate on POSSIBLE outcomes, with INTENTION and making choices out of LOVE and JOY.

Like giving a chance to President Trump to make changes which will benefit the World and the USA and every American.

Coming up with SOLUTIONS instead of marching to protest.  Organizing proposal and making changes in your local neighborhood regardless of what is happening at a State and Federal level.

It’s the people who create governments.  You don’t like it, change it… but BECOME THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD as Gandhi once  said.

I am ONE with you in all the coming changes.



Organisation Mondiale d'AMOUR et JOIE intentionnels - O.M.A.J.I.

World Organisation of Intentional LOVE and JOY